Philosophy and meditation yoga mat

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When you make a purchase, we receive revenue. From its ability to alleviate stress and anxiety to reducing inflammation and chronic pain, this ancient practice helps many people improve their overall quality of life.

What about yoga blocks? And how do you know if your feet are at the right angles? Here, a guide — straight from yoga teachers — to what to look for when shopping for a yoga mat, to improve your journey to the best pose of all, savasana.

When author and yoga teacher Sara DiVello shops for a mat, she looks for something that will feel extra-cushy. Especially for those with sensitive knees, this is a great option. For Colleen Quaid, yoga has been an almost year journey.

She started practicing inearned her teaching certification in and purchased Mirepoix Wellness Studio in Chicago in When looking for the right yoga mat, she appreciates one like this, that requires no break-in time. Reiki master and yoga teacher Kelsey Patel started practicing yoga 20 years ago, when she was just Eight years ago, she took it to another level and became a teacher.

She likes this mat because she can take it pretty much anywhere she goes, and it rolls up easily to store in a closet.

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It only weighs 2. These visuals will help your confidence while you perfect your form. How come? The depth will allow you to fall comfortably — and it challenges you to engage your core for stability.

This set also features yoga blocks for relaxing into a pose and towels for even more grip. Jennifer Ursillo is an alignment-based yoga teacher, which makes her appreciate this guided mat that much more. It features an asana-guiding grid, creating an easy way to know where your feet and hands should go for each pose. The one that meets all of her must-haves is this find from Gaiam. As they progress in their practice, many yogis tend to prefer a thin mat.

This one also features yoga-towel materials, which means you never have to worry about slippery sweat droplets interrupting your vinyasa. For the past 10 years, Rebekah Grace Rivera has taught yoga classes, trained, mentored and led retreats around the world. When selecting a mat, she looks for grip and thickness. After all, you want to be able to hold your stance comfortably.

And it cleans up with a quick wipe and is antibacterial. But what kept her attention was the quality. She calls this mat super-durable and flexible, which allows her to move without worry.

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Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Meditations from the Mat by Rolf Gates. Katrina Kenison Goodreads Author. The meditations incluided in this book offer a way to integrate the mindfulness that yoga teaches into everyday life.

Get A Copy. Paperbackpages. More Details Original Title. Other Editions 8. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Meditations from the Matplease sign up. Be the first to ask a question about Meditations from the Mat. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing A central aspect of yogic philosophy, Buddhism and Vedanta, is the practice of being content and peaceful when the outside world is unpredictable and at times chaotic.

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Parinamavada is the Buddhist concept that everything is in a constant state of flux and change, and that attachment to that which changes brings suffering. Freedom from attachment leads to a sense of peace unrivalled by any material object or achievement. Atma Vidya reasons that whatever is happening around us and to us is just like a play unfolding, an illusion we mistake for reality.

Freedom from this illusion and the realisation that our true self is something far beyond what we cling to on a daily basis gives a sense of contentment, groundedness and a deep knowing that we are in fact pure consciousness itself. So how can we move closer towards experiencing a glimpse of this grounded peace and contentment?

How can we find stillness amongst the ever-changing world around us? Yogic practices have fortunately focused on this for thousands of years, so we have a treasure trove of practices to choose from and cultivate daily.

Try the following to help you feel calm, grounded and peaceful at a time when things are unpredictable:. By observing the breath, we observe our life force energy, and by cultivating a harmonious breathing pattern, we allow our life force to be more harmonious too. This simple practice helps calm the mind and bring about a sense of balance. Simply bring your body into a comfortable position, breathe in for a count of five, hold for five, breathe out for a count of five and hold for five.

Practice this when you wake in the morning and before bed if possible. The words we hear and say have a powerful impact upon how we feel. Mantras are words imbued with an almost magic quality can really make a difference to our state of being. Repeat often, especially in times of anxiety. You have powerful tools for wellbeing literally in the palms of your hands, and these are known as mudras.

Mudras are symbolic gestures often made with the hands to help bring about different states of being. Adopting a mudra can help deepen your meditation practice, or serve as a way to focus the mind.

To feel grounded, choose Prithvi Mudra, the earth mudra which involves bringing the tip of the ring finger and thumb together to active more earth energy within the body and mind.

When the mind is busy, focusing on the feet is a great way to move energy down from the brain to the body. Stand comfortably and focus on the feeling of your feet connected to the earth. Lift your toes and replace them one by one, noticing the firm connection of the skin on the soles of your feet to the ground. As you exhale, imagine roots growing from the feet deep into the earth, and as you inhale, imagine drawing up energy from the earth into your body. For a quick dose of calmness, try firmly but gently massaging the following acupressure points with your index finger or thumb: Hall Of Impression point, located between the eyebrows, and the Union Valley point, located in the webbing between the thumb and index finger.

Scents interact directly with the brain and can change how we feel almost instantly. Try inhaling good quality essential oils like lavender or chamomile for calming, and neroli or ylang ylang for a mood boost.

Simply close your eyes and cover your ears. Inhale fully and as you exhale, find a deep humming sound. Notice the vibrations in your sinuses, chest and throat as you hum, and repeat as often as you like. Emma is a hr qualified Yoga teacher, musician, massage therapist, cook, and writer. Having grown up surrounded by Yoga and meditation, Emma began her practice at a young age and has continued to study and develop her understanding of Yoga on a daily basis.And for me, it is one of the most important things to allow me to fully tune into my body without external distractions.

A good yoga mat will fit your body shape and will provide beginners with a visual cue for where to put their hands and feet, as well as keeping all yogis grounded for safe practice. If you plan on practising a fast-paced, more dynamic yoga - such as Bikram or hot yoga- then a non-slip mat up to 5mm in depth will give good grip and stability for balance. We assess each yoga mat on its grip and non-slip qualities, and we determine how comfortable and cushioned the mat is based on its thickness and weight.

We consider how biodegradable or recyclable the material of each yoga mat is and see how well the material absorbs moisture while maintaining its quality to allow for a safe yoga practice.

A Christian Perspective on yoga

The sticky surface also means hands and feet feel rooted, although our hands did start to slip slightly once we started sweating. It has a thickness of 4. The dotted surface design allows for more fluid movements in a dynamic practice, too.

philosophy and meditation yoga mat

Key specifications: Dimensions cm : x 61 Weight: 1. At cm long and 80cm wide, this mat will comfortably fit all poses and movements without concern of spilling off. It provides excellent grip to the floor, as well as to the hands and feet, while the 4. We found its size and grip best suited to dynamic yoga, such as astanga or vinayasa flow, which are more vigorous and constant. Its large size is also great for a regular workout or HIIT session, making it great value for money. Key specifications: Dimensions cm : x 80 Weight: 2.

This natural rubber yoga mat has exceptionally good grip and can absorb sweat and moisture, making it great for beginners and experts alike. With enough padding to support the hips, knees and hands during floor asanas, such as the bridge or cobra pose, it allows yogis to ground themselves and push away from the floor, but still supports joints and cushions any injuries.

The non-slip qualities of a rubber mat which we advise airing out before use allow more advanced yogis to find balance and stability while transitioning through more dynamic yoga poses. Weighing just 2.

Key specifications: Dimensions cm : x 66 Weight: 2. Rubber mats are known for their excellent non-slip qualities, which is why the natural rubber and eco PU upper layer of this standard size mat gives it such good grip. Hands and feet remain secure at all times and a 4mm thickness means yogis are still able to ground themselves to the floor and stay well balanced.

The attractive Aztec print design provides body alignment guides for easy positioning and you can just as easily use it for a HIIT session. It does offer superior dry grip but at just 1. The lack of cushioning means not every yoga pose is practical or comfortable and it can bunch up around your feet. If you prefer gentle, restorative yoga or are prone to injury, this mat provides plenty of cushioning 8mm. The spongy PVC material allows hands and feet to push deep into the mat, so the floor can still be felt for stability, but its thickness is not as well suited to more dynamic styles.

Visual central markings act as an alignment guide for beginners and the PVC coating also means it should last you years.We are a network of Christians from all denominations who explore the connections between yoga philosophy and Christian theology—and the practices of both.

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We find that practicing yoga in the transformative light of Christ heals the divides in our lives. All in Philosophy. Contemplative prayer is a process of interior transformation, a relationship initiated by God and leading, if we consent, to divine union. Kelly offers a reflection of one of the yoga sutras, Pratyahara, followed by a full home practice.

We are grateful to her for this offering. Thus, many of South Asian origins feel a little out of sorts when yoga teachers end a yoga practice with a hello beginning. In light of this, Renee is rethinking her use of the word namaste. Our friends and partners at Yogadevotion put together an online Instructor Certification Course that as a resource for both instructors and practitioners.

In five modules, the course studies where yoga philosophy and Christian theology converge, and then how to apply that convergence to an actual yoga practice. Read our review here! Clooney, S. The truth held in the greeting Namaste is a truth that contains the power to heal many of the great divisions in this world.

Yoga 101: A Simple Guide to Practice and Philosophy to Help A Beginner

The power to unite people regardless of their cultural, racial, religious, social, political, or personal differences. Kelly discusses some concerns from those who come from a Hindu background and worldview.

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Her hope is to build understanding and to generate thoughtful and respectful conversation between seekers, both Hindu and Christian alike. Studio owner and teacher trainer Kelly McLellan continues our testimony series by sharing her story. As a seeker, I found beauty and Truth in almost every tradition, but I found the story of the Biblical God to be the highest good.

What if your body is an altar? What if your body is a place for you to encounter God? How does that change how you understand your body? The classical tradition of Yoga represents a valuable gift from India to the world, and what makes it particularly precious is that it can be used selectively with benefit by people of different religious and philosophical understandings. Today we celebrate the work of our friends at Ignatian yoga. What follows is an introduction to their work and philosophy.

Dayna explores how these relate to a Christian theology. Start Here. Who We Are.We believe true happiness comes from within us. Our logo carries the image of a lotus flower inside the symbol of the universe, as the lotus flower carries many different meanings. We believe we should live as close to nature as possible and protect the earth as it protects us. We feel good when we do good things. Our team pays attention to every single step of our product development.

Every little detail is taken care of, from the process of sustainable ingredient selection, to thoughtful design, to complex production. We cover each and every step, carefully paying attention to detail. Cork is naturally anti-microbial which assures a great promise in deteriorating mold, mildew, termites and other harmful insect infestations.

The past year has been one of the big changes for many. One of those changes includes working from home. As a yoga practitioner and lover, you have probably researched your fair share of yoga mats. After all, we all. Satori Concept provides finest eco-friendly yoga and meditation products. The periods for re-harvesting bark are long every 14 years available.

Harvested cork trees sequester times more CO2 than non-harvested cork trees. Ideal Size. This makes it significantly durable yet lighter than most extra-large yoga mats. This is one of the most portable anti-slip travel yoga mats to conveniently carry around all day.

Heat and sweat can even dramatically improve the grip. A spray of water in dry conditions can also do the trick. Amazon Rating. Add to wishlist. Great non slip non toxic mat Anna Read More. I am already so thrilled with it! I was looking for a yoga mat that I could use during hot yoga that wouldn't be as slippery as my other yoga mat and also wanted something non toxic because I have three babies and try to be conscious about what we have at home.

This mat is also made from cork and rubber so I feel better about the materials being sustainable materials. Not only is it wider and longer than my other mat, somehow it's still lighter than the other cork ones I was looking at that were similar. It was the lightest but yet thickest one I found. Despite it being bigger I still have no problem rolling it up and transporting it so it's still very portable and durable.

I would definitely recommend this mat! Perfect yoga mat! Mahi Read More. I am a certified yoga instructor. I was looking for a nice yoga mat but I see mostly the foam or less durable yoga mats.

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I had problem with those as those are slippery and after few weeks the foam getting peeled off and doesn't last longer. Recently I bought this yoga mat. This looks pretty and it's durable, non-slippery and with good cushion.If you want to start meditating, it can be a little overwhelming to know exactly how to begin.

Is it all about visualising clouds and repeating affirmations? The good news is that, yes, there are actually a lot of meditation techniques that can help you get there. The challenge is in a actually doing the meditation techniques, and committing to the practice in the first place.

If you want to start a meditation practice without the use of an app or YouTube video, try the following traditional and truly time-tested meditation techniques, and commit to sticking with the one that resonates the most with you. Perhaps try meditating with your chosen meditation technique for a month to really notice the effects begin to take shape! One of the traditional Buddhist meditation techniques, the meditation method of breath awareness simply involves observing the sensation of the breath moving in and out through the nose.

The idea is to focus your mind on the breath, and each time the mind wanders off to think about dinner, what you need to get done that day, or whether you remembered to reply to those work emails, to bring your focus back on to the breath. Begin with minutes of the practice, focussing on bringing your awareness back to the breath even if it tries to wander hundreds of times.

Now, plenty of celebrities and wellness advocates practice this type of meditation techniques, and they seem to find big benefits in it. Visualisation can be used as a relaxation technique, where you may visualise venturing off into a forest or standing on a beach, or you can set an intention and visualise your future-self living the life you want to live.

This type of visualisation is much like manifestation, and it can really bring about changes when practiced regularly. To get started, create a clear understanding and image of how you want your future self and your future life to look and feel.

When you reach the end of your practice, set an intention to go about your day as though you were already living that life. For example, if you want to feel more relaxed, make all your decisions from the perspective of what a relaxed person would do. If you want to focus more on self-care and loving yourself, respond to life from a place of self-love and compassion.

Yantras are shapes imbued with sacred geometry, artistry, and often infused with specific energies in order to have an influence over whomever uses them for meditation. Just as everything in the universe is made up of vibration, so too are yantras, and so too are we. When we focus on a yantra, we connect to the vibration of the shapes and colours, which has an influence over how we feel. The idea is to allow the energy of the yantra to influence your mind and body, and there are many different types of yantra to choose from, depending upon your needs — the Sri Yantra is perhaps the most well known and potentially powerful.

If you notice your mind wandering off, simply bring it back to focussing on the centra of the yantra. When we really truly feel gratitude, we envelop ourselves with positive energy and endorphins. All of this can help enhance the immune system, repair cells, cultivate a positive mindset, balance mood levels and even improve longevity.

Emma is a hr qualified Yoga teacher, musician, massage therapist, cook, and writer.

philosophy and meditation yoga mat

Having grown up surrounded by Yoga and meditation, Emma began her practice at a young age and has continued to study and develop her understanding of Yoga on a daily basis.

Emma currently teaches regularly in Sussex, co-leading teacher trainings, retreats, workshops and kirtans, and also manages the Brighton Yoga Festival. December 2nd, Emma Newlyn.

philosophy and meditation yoga mat

Breath awareness One of the traditional Buddhist meditation techniques, the meditation method of breath awareness simply involves observing the sensation of the breath moving in and out through the nose. Yantra Yantras are shapes imbued with sacred geometry, artistry, and often infused with specific energies in order to have an influence over whomever uses them for meditation.

Gratitude When we really truly feel gratitude, we envelop ourselves with positive energy and endorphins.